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Since 2010, this is our flagship online portal delivering quality news & features in English about the Romanian market.

Editorial Services

A subscription-based daily & weekly service powered by our team of senior journalists since 2014. For CEOs, investors, managers, multinational teams, analysts. Great for market intelligence and prospecting. 

Reliable sources, relevant, curated content, synthesized in English.

Romania -Insider.com is now offering, together with trusted partners, several market segment studies for Romania.

Print & Digital

Since 2008, a unique print & digital travel guide written by locals and foreigners. Enjoyed by foreign readers and Romanians alike! 

A premium, specialized print & digital supplement developed by Romania-Insider.com, which brings together the essentials to doing business in Romania. Download the 2019 edition!



A yearly event, first edition, and Gala in October 2018. The second edition in 2019, with Gala event on October 15, 2019.

A platform designed to bring together HR directors, entrepreneurs and general managers wishing to exchange meaningful ideas on best HR practices. Monthly morning events.

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