We will seek out and reward Romanian brands which have successfully expanded abroad, from any business segment, launched any time in the last three decades.

Selection of candidates for this prize will be made by the organizers’ team, with input from the Board of Advisors and the Jury. We also welcome suggestions from readers, by email: events@romania-insider.com.

The selected candidates will be contacted to provide additional information in support of their nomination.

Selection criteria

  • Brands ‘made in Romania’, no matter when the brand launch happened.
  • Successful expansion abroad happened after 1989.

Judging criteria

  • Brand recognized in other markets than in Romania, number of external markets.  
  • Turnover/sales data abroad, latest available, for all markets or just some.
  • Footprint abroad: number of outlets/offices, number of employees.
  • Other marks of success and recognition abroad.
  • Financing raised for international expansion.

Top Romanian Brand with Most Successful International Expansion in the Last 30 Years is powered by Argus Audit SRL.