Online nominations for the 2020 competition are now open!

Jury winners will be chosen in a two-step selection process, with the support of specialized Boards of Advisors and a reputable Jury of C-level Romanian and foreign business leaders.

Applications close on June 30, 2020.



Romania Insider Awards 2020 Timeline: 

June 30, 2020 – applications close
August 2020 – eligibility checks and additional questions for the submissions, if required
end August 2020 – confirmation of eligibility
September 2020 – first round of vote and confirmation of status of the nomination (finalist or not)
October 2020 – Gala date to be announced


General Selection, Judging Criteria & Process

Each award category has a minimum set of criteria which must be met for the nominated company to be selected in the first round. If one criterion is not met, the nomination will not make it to the first round. These criteria are listed in each award description.

The selection will be done in two rounds:

Round 1: The Board of Advisors will analyze all eligible nominations and select a short list of three finalists for each award category.

  • Each nomination will be analyzed by the event team for eligibility. For the following Award categories nominations will be anonymized in order to ensure an objective and ethical selection process: Best Innovation, Best Start-Up, Employer of the Year, Most scalable social responsibility project, Most Encouraging Sustainable Real Estate Project
  • Then, the Board of Advisors will assign online 1 to 10 points for each judging criterion to all eligible projects. The added-up scores will result in a ranking.
  • The companies or projects with the top 3 scores in each category will be shortlisted and will be submitted to the vote of the Jury.
  • In case of a tie, the Board of Advisors will vote online to choose the 3 shortlisted finalists.

Nota bene: Team members or advisory board members found in incompatibility with a nominated company or project (part of it, collaborating with it, including with close relatives part of those projects) will be excluded from voting for that particular category of awards.

Round 2: The members of the Jury will select the winner for each category.

In the second round, the jury will deliberate and select one winner for each category. At the end of the jury meeting, each jury member will assign a score from 1 to 5 to each of the shortlisted nominations. The company/project with the highest score will win the award. In case of a tie, the jury president will re-evaluate the companies/projects with equal scores and cast their tie vote, thus choosing the winner.

Nota bene: Jury members found in incompatibility with a shortlisted company or project (part of it, collaborating with it, including with close relatives part of those projects) will not be part of deliberations, nor cast their vote for that specific category of awards. If the jury president is in incompatibility with one of the tie project or companies, the deputy jury president will take their attributions in a tie.

Nominations shall be made online, using the dedicated form for each award category. The nomination will be accepted only if it provides a minimum set of information for each category, as described below. Nominations will be rejected if they do not provide the required information for the selection and judging process. During the selection process, companies or individuals may be notified to provide missing information within a given deadline.