The Best Start-up Award will go to a company or project which capitalizes on a new idea, addressing an important need in business or society, by using an innovative approach in its product development & communication.

Why apply

  • Get exclusive access to the Romania Insider Awards Gala in October 2020. All shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate at the VIP-Gala Awards ceremony in October 2020.
  • Find an investor or supporter. While we do not offer a specific investment as a prize, we do facilitate contact of the shortlisted candidates with investors who are present at the Gala.
  • Get exposure in the media. The entire event will be promoted before and after the Gala. Finalists will have coverage on and associated media channels.

Who is eligible?

Companies officially incorporated in Romania in 2018 or later, or projects not yet incorporated but in seed phase, with a prototype product or service and a sustainable business model.

Judging criteria

  • The company’s product/service/project impact and usefulness.
  • The project’s originality in addressing a certain need of the business or society, be it on a mainstream or niche market.
  • Scalability potential of the start-up project, including regional/global eligibility and usefulness.
  • Existing or potential financial support from local or international financiers can be a differentiator for projects with similar scores.

In order to ensure confidentiality and the objectivity of the judging process, all nominations will be anonymized before being presented to the Board of Advisors and Jury.