The Most Effective Promotion for Romania Abroad Award will focus on projects, companies or people who positively promote Romania abroad, for business or tourism, either as a core or secondary activity.

Why apply

  • Gain public recognition for your contribution to promoting Romania abroad.
  • Inspire similar initiatives and contribute to a societal effort for Romania.
  • Get exclusive access to the Romania Insider Awards Gala in October 2020. All shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate at the VIP-Gala Awards ceremony in October 2020.
  • Get exposure in the media. The entire event will be promoted before and after the Gala. Finalists will have coverage on and associated media channels. 

Who is eligible

Projects or activities conducted by companies or individuals, with a proven positive impact for Romania’s image abroad, for business or tourism. The projects and activities need to have taken place in 2019 and/or 2020.

Judging criteria

  • The project’s effectiveness in raising awareness of a positive Romania among the general public abroad, its total reach and budget.
  • Innovation – how does the project stand out.
  • Marketing approaches.

In order to ensure a better assessment of market impact, all details provided for the nominations in this category will be disclosed to the Board of Advisors and Jury.