Romania’s countryside is its treasure trove, which sets it apart in the world, as many traditions are still kept alive here. But little is done to preserve Romania’s rural soul. The Most Inspiring Rural Development Project Award aims at highlighting initiatives that revive the Romanian countryside and help it thrive. 

Why apply

  • Inspire businesses and society to focus more on the Romanian countryside.
  • Get exclusive access to the Romania Insider Awards Gala in October 2020. All shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate at the VIP-Gala Awards ceremony in October 2020.
  • Get exposure in the media. The entire event will be promoted before and after the Gala. Finalists will have coverage on and associated media channels.

Who is eligible

Companies or individuals with projects or initiatives for reviving the Romanian countryside. Topics may range from but are not limited to, infrastructure improvement, business development, housing, community services such as schools, public safety, and health care or cultural initiatives. Projects finalized in 2019 and 2020, as well as ongoing projects, are eligible, provided there is at least one phase finalized with enough results to allow judging for the criteria below

Judging criteria

  • The rural development project’s capacity to revive the countryside, and its results so far.
  • Community participation: the degree to which the initiative actively engages individuals, organizations or the broader community.
  • Educational factor: Projects coaching the rural community to find and apply new solutions and development, offering a toolbox of resources to support its development.
In order to ensure a better assessment of market impact, all details provided for the nominations in this category will be disclosed to the Board of Advisors and Jury.