The Most Sustainable Real Estate Project Award will showcase real estate projects which have a positive impact on the area while respecting the neighborhood, using sustainable materials and principles, and abiding by construction rules and ethics. 

Why apply

  • Get exclusive access to the Romania Insider Awards Gala in October 2020. All shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate at the VIP-Gala Awards ceremony in October 2020.
  • Make yourself visible to potential investors and supporters in the business community. While we do not offer a specific investment as a prize, we do facilitate contact of the shortlisted candidates with investors who are present at the Gala.
  • Get exposure in the media. The entire event will be promoted before and after the Gala. Finalists will have coverage on and associated media channels.

Who is eligible

Projects completed in the last two years, located anywhere in Romania, which integrate well in the neighborhood architecture. The following types of projects are eligible: office, residential, recreational, urban/mixed use, industrial/office park, commercial/retail, new community, rehabilitation.

Nota bene: Only the finalized (built) parts of the real estate development will be entering the competition. Parts that have been designed but are not yet built will not be taken into consideration.

Judging criteria

1. Fairness from 3 perspectives:
a) Environment – energy efficiency, construction efficiency (short construction time, cost savings).
b) Neighborhood – overall size fitting the area, effects on traffic, sunlight on neighboring buildings, function mix of the neighborhood.
c) Employee safety.

2. Sustainability from 2 perspectives:
a) Green building.
b) Construction quality – use of innovative products, materials, and technology, contributions made to increase the lifespan of the building.

In case of projects with the same score, buildings that are well-tuned to the geometry of the area (geometric or architectural elements, ornamentation of the building, finishing: building materials and color) and buildings with emphasis on natural light will be favored.

In order to ensure confidentiality and the objectivity of the judging process, all nominations will be anonymized before being presented to the Board of Advisors and Jury.