We will celebrate investment projects launched in Romania anytime during the last three decades, which have proven a strong, positive business and social impact in the country. There will be two sub-categories: Business and Social.

The selection of candidates for this prize will be made by the organizers’ team, with input from the Board of Advisors and the Jury. We also welcome suggestions from readers, by email: events@romania-insider.com.

The selected candidates will be contacted to provide additional information in support of their nomination.

Selection criteria 

  • Projects launched any time after 1989, and which still exist.
  • Implementation location in Romania. 
  • Durable, positive social & business impact, irrespective of the domain of activity.
  • Projects created by companies, NGOs or individuals.

Judging criteria

         Sub-category Business:

  • Value of initial investment + investments made over time in development.
  • Activity type: manufacturing, services, other.
  • Number of jobs created.
  • Turnover generated in the last year.
  • Exports in the last year.
  • Number of local suppliers & local suppliers’ share in the project’s total expenses.
  • Social impact – CSR expenses and other contributions to society.
  • Development plans for the future.

Sub-category Social:

  • Value of investment.
  • Activity sector: health, education, social assistance, sports, environment, other.
  • Number of jobs created.
  • Number of people helped/reached by the project.
  • Other positive effects on society.
  • How the project could develop and bring additional benefits in the future.

Top Investment with Great Impact in Romania in the Last 30 Years Award is powered by Catinvest Eastern Europe.